The Stronghold of Abortion in America

The Stronghold of Abortion in America

Laura Fearnow
September 29, 2022
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What is she up against?

Though we are slowly chipping away at it, the abortion industry is a stronghold in America right now. They prey on women with a disguise of support and freedom of choice. When a woman considering abortion sits down in an abortion clinic for educational counseling, she is seen as a customer who they can make money off of. The goal is to sell her abortion by convincing her that it’s private, quick, and easy.  

A lot of women who are seeking abortions just go online to see what clinics are available in their area. The only abortion clinic in our local area is Planned Parenthood. There are a lot of other abortion clinics in Indianapolis and Chicago. Most women in the greater Lafayette area who are seeking surgical or late-term abortions, go to Chicago.  

No matter the clinic, the process for getting an abortion is pretty similar. Since there is a waiting time required by law in Indiana between the consultation and the procedure, that first appointment is when the abortion clinic gives their best sales pitch. That is what the counselors there are trained to do; sell the abortion.  

The Truth Behind the Façade

They will say whatever the need to in order to convince the woman to agree. Some of these reasons are that it’s private and no one will know. They will tell her that it won’t hurt and bleeding will be minimal. They’ll say that it’ll be like nothing happened.

What they won’t say is how she will carry the weight of this decision for the rest of her life. They won’t tell her how painful and scary it is when she bleeds for days and sometimes weeks. They definitely don’t tell her how she will give birth to her baby at home alone during a chemical abortion.

It doesn’t take much effort to find the truth of what the counselors at Planned Parenthood are capable of. A quick search on YouTube will bring up a slew of videos that reveal Planned Parenthood aiding human trafficking and covering up sexual abuse and statutory rape. The fact that they haven’t been shut down is only due to the fact that there are government officials that are financially involved with them.

The women in our community are at serious risk! You can read stories from abortion workers who have left the industry by going to to get insider information on how abortion clinics are run and the experiences of the women working inside.

Post-Roe America

Even in a post-Roe America, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates are offering women whatever they can to provide an expectant mother with an abortion. If she needs to travel to another state, they will fly her out there, or call her an Uber. They will pay for her hotel and meals while she is there. And they will even offer to pay for the procedure. What is the drive here? It’s not about money at this point, although they preyed on women for nearly 5 decades building their corporation. It’s about control. They are losing their grip on women and they know it. They want her trust so they can control her.  

We will continue spreading truth and love to our community and beyond in hopes that women will be spared from the evil of the abortion industry. Every abortion-minded woman who walks through our door has a 93% chance of choosing life after going through our process. The more women we reach, the more lives and souls are saved.

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