One Way to be an Effective Bravely Ambassador

One Way to be an Effective Bravely Ambassador

Jaron Walsh
November 17, 2022
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You may have seen pictures on social media of our new Team Bravely apparel. There is a new line-up of long-sleeve tees, crewneck sweatshirts, and hoodies. As much fun as it is to get some new swag with fun Bravely colors on it, does having branded apparel actually help the organization you love, grow? I’ve been thinking about it this week and wanted to share my insights.

How merch campaigns further our mission.

A merch campaign provides you with a product while also giving you an opportunity to further support Bravely. Many of you have been very generous and have not only purchased apparel, but have made additional donations with your transaction. Your generosity is absolutely vital to the success of our mission!

Jonni Miller, Nurse Manager at Bravely, wearing the black long-sleeve tee.

There’s more to it than that.

Even with a great return on the fundraising investment, I still think there’s a more important role that branded apparel plays. You have the opportunity to show your circle of influence that you are on team Bravely. Not to shove your pro-life views down other people’s throats, but to bring a message of hope to those around you. Representing the Bravely brand shows the world that you can be a fierce warrior for the Kingdom of God but also be loving and compassionate. Wearing Bravely brings awareness that there is a team of people in our community who provide respect and support to women in unintended pregnancies.  

A unique opportunity.

As effective as Google ads and all of our marketing efforts are, nothing is as impactful as sharing Bravely with others face to face. Someone might ask, “I like your sweatshirt. What is Bravely Women’s Health?” ….and just like that you have the opportunity to be an effective brand ambassador. Women who don’t know about the life-saving services at Bravely need someone to tell them. More than likely, the majority of people you speak with won’t be potential Bravely clients, but the more we spread the word that Bravely is here and ready to help women in unintended pregnancies, more women in our community will be aware. Word gets around.

Go Team Bravely!

We know you are already on Team Bravely – you prove that on a regular basis with how generous you are with your time, talent, and treasure. Today just might be a good time to get a fresh Bravely uniform. Plus, you need a new “go-to” sweatshirt this winter! (They are comfy).

Yours truly – Jaron Walsh, Multimedia Marketing Specialist, wearing the black hoodie.

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