The S.L.E.D. Method

The S.L.E.D. Method

Laura Fearnow
September 8, 2022
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Here is an everyday tool to simplify defending your pro-life stance. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to speak up about an issue so is so highly debated. This easy four step conversation tool gives you a structured and simple way to defend your pro-life stance with ease and comfortability.  


A lot of people like to use size as an argument as to whether or not an unborn baby counts as a person because of how small they are. Does a 6-foot man have more value than a 5-foot woman? Someone’s right to life is not dependent on their size. EVERY human has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Level of Development

It is often argued that the unborn are not developed and therefore are not considered people. Is a preschooler less of a person than a college professor? The professor is much more developed than a preschooler. Their motor skills, insight, common sense, and general knowledge far exceeds that of a 4-year-old, so does that mean the preschooler is less of a person? No!


Some people say that the unborn aren’t people because they aren’t in the world yet. Well... they are in the world! Even inside the womb, they are still in the world! Even though our environments are always changing, it doesn’t change the value we have as people. A baby’s value does not change based on being in the womb as opposed to moments after birth.

Degree of Dependency

Another common argument is that the unborn are totally dependent on their mother, so how can they be a person? A two-year-old needs help with general hygiene, getting dressed, eating, and hydrating. A two-year-old is dependent on his or her guardian to provide all of that. If you left a two-year-old alone and unattended, he or she couldn’t survive long-term. So, how can we say a baby in the womb isn’t a person just because it depends on its mother for survival?   

Next time you are talking to someone about pro-life issues, use the S.L.E.D method!  

Size doesn’t determine personhood.  

Development doesn’t determine personhood.  

Environment doesn’t determine personhood.  

Dependency doesn’t determine personhood.

The more we normalize talking about the value of human life, the more human life will be valued! We have to expose the lies that our society believes. Each baby growing in their mother’s womb is a person, specifically and uniquely created by God.

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